This typically effects most models with BMW software after March-2019 (M140i, M340i, M2 Competition, M3, M4, M5, M8, etc).

FEMTO performs their unlock service on the ECU.

com. 0 Premium with ZERO issues.

Regular price $ 595.

ECU Unlock Service for BMW B58 Engines (including Toyota Supra, BMW M240i, M340i, 440i, etc) Sale.

The GR Supras ECU comes locked from the factory. Regular price $ 500. .

I’m doing the latter.

From $ 600. So no they're is no unlock despite mission. If your ECU is.

The internet will explode when it’s ready. same for 19+ chevy trucks.

Select 2020 Supra Models and all 2021+ Supra Models are plagued with bmw locking down the ecu to prevent tuning.

Toyota A90 / A91 Supra Tuning Kit.


. Toyota A90 / A91 Supra Tuning Kit.

A EcuTek Programming License is put on the ECU/DME.
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Shipping + Returns.

Toyota A90 / A91 Supra Tuning Kit. Featured on BIMMERPOST. .

e. . . ECU build can be found on the ECU label itself. Please select from the dropdown menu. .

To do so we must physically connect directly to the vehicles ECU and perfrom the unlock service.

. I’m on the original oil and I’m past 7,000 miles.

for example, a 2019 ZR1 corvette costs 2k to unlock and at least 1000 for the tune.

Shipping + Returns.